Luca Murgia,
Interaction & Visual Designer

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Luca Murgia (b. 1987)
Currently Interaction Designer at DXY Does

email: murgia.luca at gmail dot com



• Master Degree in Interaction Design IUAV University of Venice
• Bachelor Graduate in Industrial Design, Università ‘Sapienza’, Rome
• Science High School Leaving Degree, Liceo Scientifico “Giordano Bruno”, Venice

Work Experience

• January 2015- Now – Interaction Designer at DXY Does, Berlin/Cleveland/London
Mobile Apps, Service design, Prototyping IoT and more.

• January 2014-2015 – Interaction & Visual Designer at, Berlin
We designed a service of real location analytics. I designed the CI, the web app interface and collaterals.

• October 2012-2013 – Junior Interaction & Visual Designer at Stereomood, Rome
I joined the Stereomood Team as interaction & visual designer to help out with the interface and work on the web app ux. At that time, I designed an Android app named Mood'o'clock, a mood based radio alarm. It has been my first app out in the stores.

• 2012 (internship – 3 months) – Interaction & Visual Designer at Stereomood, Rome
As first contribute, I designed the ‘moodflip’ feature. I worked on the new website version launch, designing both the webpages and making marketing videos.

• 2010 (internship – 2 months) – Visual & Graphic Designer at MB Multimedia & Broadcast, Venice
I re-designed the usability of their web video gallery service, and learnt about filming techniques, broadcasting, compression.


• January 2013 – Spotify Screen Design workshop: one intensive week of practical mobile app designing

• June, July 2011 – Workshop Performing Arts with Klaus Obermaier – We learned how to set up an interactive video tracking area with Max Msp, and we developed Balance

• May 2011 – Workshop Sounding Popable – Paper interaction with Jie Qi and Dario Cestaro
I worked in team for three days, realizing interactive pop-up chapters, using paper, arduino and sensors

• February 2011 – Workshop Elettrofoscari 2 – Hardware Hacking with Nicholas Collins
I learned how to disassemble various audio/video devices to build new ones, starting from toys, radios, or simple electronic components, to obtain interactive synthesizers


I like to mediate the communication between designers, developers and client.
I like to have process, I design with a timeline.

I manage the design process in all of its phases, both in the world of screen as much as in the physical design field. During the early phases, I can give my contribute with a deep understanding of latest trends in design, music and new technologies. I can manage design sessions to work on solutions for the product, following service design principles both with engaging in good conversations.

Practically, I’m good at taking care of the whole process of designing mobile and web interactions. I like to produce myself detailed and clear flowcharts and animations to share with users and colleagues. I’m eventually producing nice graphic interfaces. I like to have an overall view of the team knowledge to join different pieces together, and follow the product with continuous design checks.


I have a good knowledge of the complete Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision and I am a quick software learner. I can roughly code in HTML and CSS (this is a DIY website). I have a basic knowledge of Bootstrap and Processing, and feel comfortable at reading most of the programming languages. I also have a very good knowledge of audio editing on Logic, Ableton, and analog devices. I have a general knowledge on how to shoot pictures and videos and what to do with it. I can use most of the management tools available on the internet, even if sometimes I prefer a simple word doc.

My mother tongue is Italian. I speak a fluent English. I can read and write German but I'm still not very good at speaking it. I can read Portuguese.